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Model Name: PCIe-FIW64
Product Type: Vision, Frame Grabbers


The PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 are IEEE 1394b (FireWire 800) frame grabbers designed for high speed computer-based machine vision applications. The PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 support up to four 1394b (FireWire 800) ports for multiple 1394b device connections with data transfer rates up to 3.2 Gb/s, as found with most IEEE 1394b cameras. The PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 provide four/two direct-connect IEEE 1394b connectors with a screw-lock mechanism. These screw-lock connectors provide a reliable connection between PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 and up to four IEEE 1394b cameras. A 4-pin ATX power connector on the PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 support IEEE 1394b cameras that draw power directly from the frame grabbers. Each port has a green LED on the front panel that will illuminate when the PCIe-FIW64/PCIe-FIW62 are connected to a IEEE 1394b camera for convenient identification of channel connection status. The PCIe-FIW64 provides four isolated digital inputs and outputs to connect to external devices such a position sensor. The PCIe-FIW64 also includes four isolated programmable trigger output pulses to manage trigger events such as activating a strobe light.


● PCI Express® x4 compliant
● High-speed image transfer rates up to 800 Mb/s
● Provides industrial screw lock connector
● Status LED for channel activation
● Four isolation digital inputs/outputs
● Four isolation TTL level programmable trigger output pulses
● Supports Windows® XP/XP Embedded/Vista